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Board game, dice game, card came, roll play alone or with a crowd. Here you will find a wide selection of games that we have all played. You have different sorting criteria. Via the photo you can order at Amazon so you can support me, but if you like to support your local game store, I’m happy too.

Amazon link ETitleAgePlayerTypePlay timeCommentYoutube Video
Codenames142-8board game15 Min.Great game in which 2 teams compete against each other and try to identify your agents via their codenames. Meanwhile also available as Disney, Harry Potter, Duo and Picture variant. My personal favorite is the image variant.How to Play Codenames
Wavelenght142-12sozial quiz30-45 MinEasy team game in which the team leader has to find one word for the given clue and the team has to guess where it is on the spectrum. Quick how to play wavelengths
Sagrada81-4dice game30-45 MinEasy-to-learn strategic and a bit luck-related game, in which you design your own stained glass window. There is also an extension for 5-6 players.Sagrada - How To Play - YouTube
Captain Sonar142-8role play45-60 MinEach player takes on a different role, it is played in 2 teams, the players have to coordinate with each other, you can play simultaneously or move by turn. Pay attention to the traits of the opposing team. How to play Captain Sonar
Azul82-4placement game30-45 MinVery nice game in which you decorate your palace with tiles. Easy to understand but you have to finde the right stategie to win.How to Play Azul
Die Crew103-5coopative game60 min you are on a misson to the moon. Its a one time play game it reminds me of escapce room.The Crew
Decrypto123-8team game15-45 MinEach team tries to crack the code by using encrypted messages that it intercepts the opposing team.
Decrypto How to Play
Carcassonne72-6placement game35 minBeautiful family game in which everyone tries to expand their city by building meadows, buildings, rivers and monasteries. With luck and stategie for me it’s a new classic. How to Play Carcassonne
Santorini82-4placement game20 minStrategic game with simple rules. It gets exciting by gods with different abilities. When I saw, it didn't appeal to me but its fast and it's entertaining with max 4 players.Santorini
Vollmondnacht Werwölf83-10role play10 minEveryone plays a specific role - the goal is to expose the werewolves.
Fun game for game nights with friends and family.
How to Play Werewolf
Werwörter84-10role play10 minIn words, players in their previously assigned roles guess a secret word by asking "yes" or "no" questions. How to Play Werewords
Century - Die Gewürzstrasse82-5placement game30-45 minAs a caravan guide, you try to spice up other players to gain fame and honor.
Century: Spice Road - How To Play
The Mind82-4card game15 Min.Easy and fast if you dot overthink it. Together without agreeing, you try to place cards from 1 to 100.The Mind - How To Play
Ohe Furcht und Adel / Citadels102-8role play20-60The goal is to build 8 buildings. Each player has a different role and tries to make life difficult for the others. The game is easy to understand and doesn't get too long even with 8 people. The Classic variant has a character the new and more expensive 27. Depending on how much plays, the small version is enough.How To Play - Citadels
7 Wonders102-7card game30 minThe game is played in 3 phases, with materials you can expand your city or knightpower. IT take some time but is fun also with 7 players.
7 Wonders Duell102city build30 mintwo player versio of 7 wonders.7 Wonders Duel: for Two
Tsuro8+2-8board game15 Min.The easy-to-understand stategie laying game, also makes fun with 8 people it only gets tough if you overthing your move. Only downside is that if you loose first you have to wait till there is a winner.How to Play Tsuro
Dominion 11+2-4card game30 minDominion has quickly become my favorite board/ card game. the design is great as well as the replayability since every game is different.

At first Dominion does feel overwhelming. Once you understand the mechanics of the game it is fairly simple and flows smoothly between players.
How to Play Dominion
Tzolk'in12+2-4board game90 minIt's a very unique worker placement game where time is the resource. Various ways to victory give this game high replayabilty. It's one of the best board games with very interesting mechanics and decisions to make. This one will stay for long in my top 5. Downside it takes time and some to understand the mechanic.Tzolkin board game
Photosynthesis8+2-4board gameGreat board game with a fresh theme! Place and grow your trees strategically to win the battle of plants in the forest! The art work amazing. Photosynthesis
Mysterium10+2-7Communiction15-20 minGreat, entertaining, collaborative game for larger groups (a mix of DixIt and Cluedo).Someone has been murdered and, as a ghost, gives tips to the players about their person, the location of the incident and the crime weapon. This is done with sometimes very quirky but beautiful cards.Mysterium
Camel Cup 8+3-8board game30 minGreat game, easy to learn and fun for all ages and skills. With some strategy, and good luck, you can win! Components are really well made with lots of attention to detail.Camel Up Board Game
Between Cities8+2-7city build20 minFun and relatively quick game. Not too heavy - works for family and/or friends. The best thing is that it works equally for 3 or 7 people - adding no extra time on with the more people you have, as turns are taken simultaneously.Between two cities
Alhambra8+2-6board game45-60 min"Alhambra is brilliantly simple; short, clear rules of the game help you to start playing right away. Alhambra has a small luck factor (that's part of every good game for me), a high strategy and planning factor, and a very high fun factor."How to Play Alhambra
Telesstration8+4-6draw / guess10-20 minFunny game, we had a good laught as we 🤣 went from pencil, to rockets.... or from squirrel🐿, to chicken🐔, to duck 🦆.... As more play as better. Easy to understand and oung players can join with a bit of help too.Telestrations
Sequence72-12board game15-20The strategy game for individual or team of players, its easy to understand, and fun for the whole family.
Great for individual or team play
equence board game
Isle of sky 8+2-5city build45 minThe strategic placement game is reminds me of Carcasonne, however, its played in 3 phases, which are redrawn each time and give the game such a high replayability. A game that we like to play as a family.How to play Isle of Skye
The Castles of Burgundy12+2-4board game90-115 minGreat tactical game with understandable rules and instructions. Easy to learn but hard to master.
Relatively confusing, the scope has a chilling effect - for real gamers
Castle of Burgundy
Turn und Taxis10+2-4board game60 minThurn und Taxis we like well because of the different possibilities to "score" and the simple rules with about 60 min playing time it is not too long and everyone has the same chances.Thurn And Taxis
Avalon10+5-10role play30 minNo player elimination. All players stay in the game until the end. The difference with Resistance is that there are already all the extensions in this box. In the base game one is already implemented: the Assassin's search for Merlin gives the game a very interesting spin. For up to ten players.How to Play Avalon
Mafia de cuba10+up to 10role play15-20 minCigar box of gems and rolls and you decide what you take out of the box. The mafia boss trys to find out who stole the diamons Mafia de Cuba
encore8+1-6dice game20 minFun easy to learn game, everyone in my family likes it - its our choice if we dont wont to play the whole evening. I also like that this game can be played solo, with slightly different rules that are provided.Noch mal! - Playthrough
Twice as clever8+1-4dice game30 minFun game. It looked a little complicated when we first played but really simple and fun. Lots of choices each role and passive players still can get in on the action on their own scoresheet. Twice as clever
Exploding kitten 72-5card game15 Min.This Card game up to 10 players is easy to understand and fun to play with more players. The downsite is that if you explode you have to wait till only one cat is left - the winner. My favorite is the family party game it has a greatet varitaty of cards. The smaller version is kind of boring. on the expensive side for a card game. How to play Exploding Kittens
Quixx8+1-dice game15This is a fun game for either a group of adults, kids, or a mix of the two. It is simple to learn and doesn't require any real skill or strategy. Qwixx Review
Monopoly Cheaters Editon8+3-6board gameI hate Monopoly, but I bought this one for my son who loves it. It seems just like a regular Monopoly Game with cheate cards - a nice extra.
You can basically cheat as much as you like, which is fun -- for a couple of minutes until someone steals all your money and cards. The handcuff is the cherry on top.
However, if you don't like it, you can just play it as a regular Monopoly.
How To Play Monopoly Cheaters
Monopoly Deal82-6card game15-25Love this game! It's easy to play. Rules sound a bit off to read but the first time you play it , you'll get it all figured out. How to Play Monopoly Deal
Flooplan8+1-100roll n write25 minWonderful game that takes you through the steps of architecture!
Beautiful artwork, insightful information on the cards. The game plays well, clear instructions and a lot of fun!
Floor Plan
Cartographers8+1-100role play30-45 min I love this game. The combination of drawing a fantasy map, the fun of tactical Tetris shapes, the 16 goal cards [of which you only use 4 per game], two different starting maps, and the strategy of these coins you can earn that earn you points every round, it all just makes for a really fun replay-able game!Cartographers Board Game
Welcome 101-100card game25 minThis is a fun quick game that scales up to as many as you can fit round your table.
My kids love this. It's easy to learn. We play with the score sheets and there is also a tablet scoring sheet is a free app on Android.
Welcome To... How to Play
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