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Traveling the world & CookinG

When we travel it is my favorite time we always try to suite everyone – what doesn’t make it easy. Sometimes we had to make compromises, but it’s still fun to see all the unique places our world has to offer. See for yourself what you like the best.ย 

For cooking, I love my home cuisine since you cant find it the US, but I also like to try new dishes from all over the world.


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My Highlights

This is hard to say, every place has its own charm, but so far I would say Yellowstone was the greatest National Park, Barcelona my favorite City and for history and fun all in one it’s Yucatan would be my choice.

Top Recipesย 

Cheese Noodles

Swabian chees noodles are best home made so try it for yourself!

Meatball Soup

Yummy, Hungarian Meatball Soup. Perfect as main meal or as starter. Our whole family loves it.

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