2 fantastic days at Arch National Park

Balanced Rock Panorama

Burning sky

Park Avenue

Arches – all over

On Sunday we arrived at Archview Campground and went straight to Arches National Park. Our first stop was at the Visitor Center, to get the Junior Ranger Book for Chiara. Our  Gypsy Tourguide has accompanied us this time as well, pointing out the best stops and providing useful information.

First, we defeated Park Avenue Viewpoint and trail, then passed the Courthouse Viewpoint, the Tower of Babel, Sheep Rock, and the Tree Gossips.

At the Petrified Dunes we drove by and at the Balanced Rock we pulled in for a photo or more. Longer we stayed at the Garden of Eden. After taking a close look at the Parade of Elephants and the North and South Window we went back to the campsite.

The next day we started at 6 oÔÇÖclock in the morning to Devils Garden.┬áThe Primitive trail to the Double O Arch was exhausting and we were glad we had started so early, so we were back before the biggest noon heat. The Dark Angel at the far end was not worth seeing, but the Navajo, Partition, and Landscape Arch are worth seeing, as well as the Pine Tree and Tunnel Arch.

After a long afternoon nap, we headed to the Wolfe Ranch, the Rock Art Panel, and the Delicate Arch (trial 3 miles), which we arrived in time for the sunset. To top off Carsten photographed the night sky at Turret Arch.

Note: Incidentally, an arch arises because stone breaks off. This is a process that continues so that the landscape is constantly changing.

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