Menton – City of the Lemons

Why city of lemons?

Why Lemon City? Here in the mild Mediterranean climate, lemons thrive particularly well, which is why Menton is Europe’s largest lemon producer, even with a trademark for its special quality. It is not waxed as usual, so the skin can also be eaten and has a particularly high sugar content. The Lemon Festival has been taking place in February/March since 1929 and of course you can find many lemon specialties in the shops in the old town.

The old town on the hill is beautiful, just follow the stairs between the cheerful, yellow-painted houses. Once at the top you have a wonderful view and feel transported back in time. The beautiful old houses, alleys and churches invite you to linger, and you can enjoy the French cuisine in the restaurants and cafés. You can sunbathe on the beaches or practice water sports and culturally Menton offers the Jean Cocteau and Beaux Art Museum as well as various events and music festivals.

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Sightseeing & Activities in San Remo and nearby

    • The Chapel of the White Penitents
    • Vieux Chateau Friedhof (The tomb of Princess Janina Jelowickich, on which a figure depicts a young woman flying up from her grave.)
    • Plage des Sablettes water sports center, palm trees beautiful promenade and restaurants
    • Plage du Fossan ‚Äď sand and stone beach on the Quai G√©n√©ral Leclerc de Hautecloque, located directly on the old town, unfortunately offers no shade, so pack an umbrella
    • Excursion to the Gardens and Parks of Menton:
      • Palais Carnol√®s (largest citrus collection in Europe)
      • Jardin du Val Rahmeh ‚Äď botanical garden, Park du Plan (Mediterranean garden with olive trees), Jardin Barriquant Alphand in the Garavan district (Belle Epoque garden culture)
      • Villa Fontana Rosa
      • Serre de la Madone
    • Museum des Beaux Art & Jean Cocteau Salle des Mariages & Museum Le Bastion (currently closed)
    • Fortress of the Magint Line in Sainte Agn√©s (dress warmly 12 degrees)
    • Russian Orthodox Church from 1890
    • Market ‚Äď “les Halles on Quai de Monle¬† ( Tuesday – Sunday cheese, meat, sausage, vegetables and fruit)
    • Annonciade Convent

day trips

  • A trip to the quaint artists’ village of Bussana Vecchia and Bussana
  • Boat tour or bike ride on the Pista Ciclabile between San Remo and Ospedaletti
  • San Remo – Italian Rivierea only about 20 minutes away by car

Stroll through Menton in pictures

Day Trip Bussana Veccia

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