Grand Finale Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon ā€“ Breathtaking

Our last stop in Utha for 2 days wasĀ Bryce Canyon National Park. On the day we arrived, we took the shuttle bus from Rubyā€™s Inn toĀ Bryce Point. AtĀ Bryce PointĀ we enjoyed the impressive canyon, then we hiked toĀ Inspiration, Sunset and Sunrise Point:Ā From there we took the bus to the parking lot and drove to our campsite at KOA Cannonville . The next day we drove with our car and theĀ GypsyĀ  audio guide through the park and stopped at every mentioned lookout point. For lunch we had a delicious pizza at Valhalla Pizzeria Ā and this time Chiaraā€™s oath to the junior ranger was also the last.

Planning and further information;Ā Bryce Canyon National ParkĀ and for go here forĀ Hikes

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