Nevada; Great Basin National Park – Virginia City – Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Great Basin National Park – Lake Tahoe SP – Viginia City – Reno – Bend

Our way back led through Nevada because we wanted to see the Lehmanns Cave im Great Basin National Park. We stayed at KOA Campgrond in Ely near Lake Tahoe, of course we spent a day there on the water. A trip to Reno was not to be missed. Unfortunately, the city was not worth to stop, to make the best out of it we watched a magic show of The Illusionists.  We also visited Virginia City, Nevada, a cute historic mining town with shows, a mining Museum and cute shops to wonder around.  The next day stopped in Sisters and we made one last stop in Bend, Oregon, where we spend the evening in Drake Park at a summer festival with live music. We stoped in Bend before while traveling home form San Fancisco and visiting Crater Lake National Park.

Lehman Cave Facts @ Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Dripstone: created from water dripping
Stalactites: formations hanging from the ceiling
Soda Straws: very thin but long stalactites with more of a cylindrical shape
Helictites: stalactites that seem to defy gravity (they donÔÇÖt just grow down)
Chandeliers: complex clusters of ceiling decor
Ribbons: stalactites that form to look like ribbons
Stalagmites: formations that come up from the ground
Broomstick; very tall and thin
Totem Pole; tall and shaped like totem poles
Fried Egg; small stalagmites that are wider than they are tall
Flowstone; sheet like formations found on floors and walls
Draperies/Curtains; thin and wavy sheets
Bacon; variously colored bands within the sheets
Stone Waterfall; looks like a frozen cascade
Pillars; when stalactites and stalagmites meet to form one structure
Cave Popcorn; small knobby clusters (pictured below on the left)
Shield; two round or oval parallel plates with a thin medial crack between them

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