Things to do in Esslingen am Neckar – Germany

Esslingen am Neckar; beautiful medieval town

After 6 years in the USA, we are back in “The LƤnd”, and of course our first destination was Esslingen. For lunch we stopped at the DulkhƤusle, a restaurant with a wonderful view and delicious Swabian cuisine.

In Esslingen we walked along the Malie, to the Schelz tower for an ice cream and to the St. Diony’s town church. At the end we took a canoe trip on the Neckar at Esslingen experience.

At Christmas time there is usually, a medieval Christmas market, which is in my opinion one of the most beautiful markets and a must see. Many events take place throughout the year and there are great city tours. There is also a zoo – the Nymphaea on the Neckar Island.




What to see in Esslingen

  • Kessler Sektā€“ the oldest Champane manufacture in Germany
  • Malie ā€“ Park with playground an cafe along the riverĀ 
  • Esslinger Burg / Dicker Turm Castle and city wall
  • old town hall with chimes (daily at: 8 am, 12 am, 3 pm, 6 pm, 7.30 pm)
  • Post Michels fontain
  • St. Dionys city Church
  • historic old townĀ 
  • Merkelsches Bad ā€“ art nouveau pool / sauna
  • Nymphaea, zoo on Neckar island
  • fun on the river –Ā  Esslingen erleben, or atĀ  climbing forrest Plochingen
  • city toursĀ for everyone
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